Who We Are

Okarro for investment and development is a limited liability company established in Egypt to to serve public and private sector in multiple fields specially in construction and information technology fields

100,000 safe working hours Safety is our priority

You can rely on Okarro as your partner

Our Sectors

Construction Sector

Construction sector in Okarro is working for building construction, finishing works, and landscaping.

Security & IT Sector

Security and IT sector is  working to serve public and private sector for Camera, Control and security systems. also providing smart home solutions and ERP systems.

Construction Finishing Works

Floor tiles installation

Qualified team

Painting Works

Manpower and material supply

Electric Works

Professional Team

GRC and cladding works

Get exact requirements done easily

Our Vision

To be the most trusted partner in our field.

Our Mission

To enhance the concepts of safety and security.

To give customers the best service quality as possible.

To bring quality and smart solutions to our life.

Our Values

To provide safe work with respected deadlines and to be a success partner to our customers.

We build strong relationships and alliances to achieve success for the long term.

We trust each other and create sustainable growth for all.